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Textile and Fashion Industry Facts

Posted by Nick Huangon 23 Nov 2011 04:04 with 0 Comments
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Textile industry influences many aspects of people life all over the world. We can distinguish many kinds of textile industry like: apparel, technical textiles, medical textiles, home textiles, industrial textiles or safety textile. It influences a lot of industries, such as agriculture, mining or automotive.

Many countries worldwide produce, sell and buy items considered as part of textile and fashion industry. Which of them are the biggest producers? Which of them have the greatest numbers of shops? Below you can find some interesting facts about textile industry that you might be not even aware of. 

  • Fashion Industry is the 2nd largest user of water in the world.
  • 150 grams of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are used to produce the cotton for just one t-shirt
  • Some of the finest clothing is made from mass produced textiles that come from dying machines from automated factories
  • The Fashion in Australia is a $14 Billion industry that consist of over 2000 companies exporting from Australia
  • Toronto, Canada is home to more than 550 apparel manufactures with wholesale shipments totalling nearly $1.4 billion of $9 billion of Canadian market
  • Fashion Industry in Toronto combines at more than 4.600 retail stores generating an annual sale of $2.6 billion
  • China’s Textile Industry is the largest producer of cotton shirts worldwide, creating an output of 60 million garments a year
  • China oversees nearly 4,700 acres of cotton farms which produces 90 million yards of high-quality cotton fabric yearly
  • During 2010, the U.S. textile industry manufactured $31.4 billion of fabrics, comparing to $30.8 billion in 2009
  • America exported about $19.7 billion of textiles and apparel and imported about $93.2 billion in 2010
  • On a worldwide scale, the World Trade Organization reported that global apparel exports were $362 billion during 2008 and textiles exported $250 billion
  • Europe also have large textile and fashion sectors, particularly in lower operating costs nations such as Baltic Countries and Eastern European ones.
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