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25 Creative Print Ads that will Blow Your Mind

Posted by Nick Huangon 19 Feb 2014 01:55 with 1 Comments

1.      Plant for the plan – Every leaf traps CO2 (Agency: Leagas Delaney)


2.      Fedex – Deliver from China to Australia (Agency: DDB Brazil)


3.      Durex – Cheaper (Agency: Espiral DP)


4.      Omax – Wide angle lenses (Agency: Publicis)


5.      Kielo Travel – Dreaming of a holiday? (Agency: New Moment new Ideas Company Y&R)


6.      Crisis Relief – Be a volunteer, liking isn’t helping (Agency: Publicis)


7.      McDonald’s – Free Wifi (Agency: DDB Sydney)

8.      StrongerMarriage.org: WE (Agency: Richter7)

9.      Durex: Extra Large (Agency: the Jupiter Drawing Room)

10.  Nivea Men – Because Life Makes Wrinkles (Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster)

11.  Pepsi – We wish you a scary Halloween (Agency: Buzz in a Box)

12.  Hut Weber – It’s the hat (Agency: Serviceplan Hamburg)

13.  Moms Demand Action – One child is holding something banned in America to protect them (Agency: Grey)

14.  MA – Discover the full story (Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi)

15.  Volkswagen – Precision parking (Agency: DDB Tribal )


16.  Colgate Dental Floss (Agency: Cerebro Y&R)

17.  King Khalib Foundation – Something can’t be covered (Agency: Memac Ogilvy)

18.  Pedigree - A dog makes your life happier. Adopt (Agency: AlmapBBDO)

19.  Orion Telescopes (Agency: Texas Creative)

20.  WWF – Shark (Agency: DDB&CO)

21.  Chupa Chups – It’s sugar free (Agency: DDB)

22.  Weight Watchers (Agency: DraftFCB)

23.  Keloptic (Agency:  Y&R)

24.  Ecovia – Stop the violence, don’t text and drive (Agency: Terremoto Propaganda)

25.  Nivea Night (Agency: TBWA\NEBOKO)

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