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Where Do Canada's Overseas Tourists Come From?

It was announced earlier today that China overtook France to become Canada’s second biggest source of overseas tourists after the UK according to Stats Canada. China’s visits increased 4.6 percent in the month of August and have been flocking to Canada ever since 2009 when the Beijing Government...

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Posted by Jesse Maida in , on 2014-10-22 03:56 with Comments

5 Semiconductor Startups You Should Know About

Coolest Cooler Old coolers are boring and haven’t changed for 50 years…until now.                     PetHub PetHub helps lost pets get home as fast as possible. Their technology stores your pet's med... Read More

Posted by Jesse Maida in Autos, on 21 Oct 2014 06:57 with Comments

Korea Has Best E-Government in the World

Every two years the United Nations releases their ‘UN E-Government Survey’ which consists of 193 United Nations members. This UN gave each nation an E-Government Development Index score which was brok... Read More

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Automotive Industry Report: Which Country Has the Most Vehicles Per 1000 People?

It was recently published that Romania’s auto industry recorded a turnover of EUR 16.88 billion in 2013, a 26 percent increase from 2012. They had the fastest growing automotive industry of any other... Read More

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Business IT: Does Your Website Really Need Monitoring?

Does IT even matter anymore? Some say that everything can be automated and we really shouldn’t be wasting time on IT departments. However, there’s a disconnect between IT and management when it comes... Read More

Posted by Nick Huang in Business, on 17 Oct 2014 01:32 with Comments

12 Dutch Startups You Should Know About

myTomorrows This life science startup is collaborating with biotechnology companies to make it easier for patients to access the drugs they need before they are cleared by regulators. Many people wi... Read More

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Top 10 Food Companies That Dominate The Snack and Beverage World

Did you know that crisp brand Pringles belongs to the same company that produces Twinings tea; while Coca-Cola also produces other eight popular brands of fizzy dinks? In fact, there are 10 corporati... Read More

Posted by Nick Huang in Business, Food, on 16 Oct 2014 01:54 with Comments

10 Great Tech Companies to Work For Not Named Google

Earlier this year Google topped the Fortune 100 as the best company to work for. This was their eigth appearance on the list and fifth time being number one. Google is also the second most valuable br... Read More

Posted by Jesse Maida in Technology, on 15 Oct 2014 04:39 with Comments